Below are my (Bruce Hurley's) videos from Craig and Alison's wedding.

If you have a regular dial-up connection, these will take quite a while to download. Go get some coffee. Read a magazine. What's the hurry, anyway? They range from 1 to 3 megabytes. Read the descriptions before downloading to see which ones you want to experience. Once downloaded, watch them again and again for hours of unmatched entertainment.

If you have broadband, bend down right now and kiss your modem. DO IT, you ungrateful bugger!

Most of these videos were taken at night, so they are kind of dark, but they are still quite viewable. Increase the brightness on your monitor if your diet is carrot-deficient.


If you click one of the links below, your computer should begin downloading the file immediately. Choose a location to save it. When it is done, double-click on the file to unzip it. If a box pops up prompting you to choose a program, then you probably don't have an unzip program. Hit Cancel, then click here to download Winzip, which is a program you ought to have anyway. Once you download it, it will automatically scan your computer for zip files. When it's done, you should see the file you just downloaded. Double click on the file to unzip it. It should start playing automatically.

If that doesn't work, you've done something very wrong and deserve to die. Just kidding. Open Windows Media Player (Start, Program Files, Accessories, Entertainment, Media Player) or Quicktime and choose File, Open, then locate the unzipped video file.

Oh, c'mon, it's not that difficult! Turn off that Love Boat rerun and have some fun! Email me for help.

Umbe Delivers Cake

This is the must-see video of Umbe delivering the cake to Craig and Ali. Just listening to Craig laughing is worth the download. (2.6 mb)

30-Second Film "The Angry Producer"

Starring Art as the explosive title character, Mark as the director trying to hold it all together no matter what the cost, Michelle Greenway as the outraged prima donna and Kiva as the aspiring actress willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the top (yes, that includes settling for fewer dresses). Mary Ellen makes a brief cameo as the "Take One" girl. Turn up the brightness on your monitor and enjoy. (.8 mb)

The Love Shack

Mary Ellen shows her maracas and Ro sings the B-52's song Love Shack not knowing she's being filmed (another advantage of using a camera the size of a pack of cigarettes). (2.8 mb)

Square Dancing

What's a modern wedding celebration without a little do-si-do? Bonus: good mojito footage! (2.3 mb)

Craig and Ali's First Dance

OK, so it's not a conga line, but isn't this what the whole celebration was about: two people, half-tanked, sharing an intimate moment with dozens of completely-tanked onlookers? (1.2 mb)

You Make Me Wanna Shout

The classic Isley Brothers/James Brown party tune, immortalized here forever by Michelle and her tamborine-weilding cohorts. (1.8 mb)

We Are Family

If this group is family, then there's been a mutation somewhere. Includes actual footage of The Amigas recruiting a little girl into the party mayhem. Just say "NO" sweetheart. It's all downhill from here. (2.4 mb)

I'm Comin' Up, So You Better Get This Party Started

Alison steps in to energize the conga line. (1.8 mb)

Christopher and Adelina As They've Never Been Seen (we hope)

Shocking close-up footage of two of Craig and Ali's Wedding's young stars, providing video proof for their future grandchildren that they were once, undeniably, kids. (2.8 mb)

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My fabulous camera: Canon PowerShot S110 (now the S200, I think). Smallest high-quality digital camera there is. It takes great shots, fits in your shirt pocket, and can even take 30-second videos. Email me if you want help getting a great price on this camera and the flash card (my 128 mb card can hold about 150 very-high-quality pictures).