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11/10/03 I've added a must-see video which proves that, although Art may alter his appearance from Halloween to Halloween, his manners never change.

(Call me if you have any problems viewing it.)

11/07/03 At bottom is the link to photos from Sharom's 2003 Halloween party. Great party. Great food. Great people. Thanks, Sharom!

Also, there are a few photos from the party Mary Ellen and I went to afterward. (And you thought I was just in a hurry to take my "girl gone wild" home!)

Finally, I've posted some older photos (Amigas 2003) from City Limits in Delray and the John Mayer concert at Sunfest, where Michelle cries and Ali goes topless. God bless America.

There's even a video of Michelle, who is either doing a mating call for John Mayer or bringing home the hogs, I can't be sure. For comparison, I've included an audio clip of Michelle's hog call, followed by a professional hog call. You decide who's best. Sooooooweeeeee!

older stuff. . .
While you're here, check out the photos from the 2002 Halloween season. The pictures tell the whole story. Let's just say that some will be entertained and others will be mortified.

Please note that I politely abstained from photographing the various excremental bodily functions exhibited that night at Boston's.

Suffice it to say that in addition to the gratuitous belching, gas-passing, and peeing in the sand, "gifties" were left on the beach, in sidewalk garbage cans, and in at least one car. Let's all drink a toast to excessive consumption of bright-red alcoholic beverages!

Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of each picture for the caption! Those with dial-up will take a while to see all the pictures, but it's definitely worth it. Get broadband for the love of pizza!

Art's Halloween Transformation Video
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Michelle Video
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Hog Calls
(small mp3)


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